Modern Tan Interiors - Yea or Nay?

It’s a classic look: BRG over tan, dark blue over tan, Ferrari red over tan.

It does look awesome in pictures, but in the flesh (actually sitting in a car) it just doesn’t appeal to me as much. My only experience is really with Porsche’s tan - maybe others’ are better.

I do love a well-done deeper brown interior, fwiw, and the look of natural leather that’s allowed to wear and build up a “patina” over time appeals to me in general (my wallet).


I think the part that I really dislike is that there’s almost always some tan carpet & worse, plastic, that has to be involved in a tan interior, and that never looks appealing to me.

Your thoughts?

These seats below look amazing, but the steering wheel needs to be black... The column sticks out like a sore thumb here. The black & tan combo above is done better.


I’m also never a fan of multi-colored steering wheels/shift knobs/parking brake levers...


I will say, it works much, much better in older cars (tan goes nicely with wood trim). It’s a serious challenge to make it look good in modern cars, with all the molded plastic and more complex surfaces.


Show me a modern tan interior that you think is done well.

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