Any preferences? There are a bajillion different brands, and numerous subtypes within each brand. I just want a good duct dape, masking tape, and electrical tape.

You see those two rolls of the parchment colored masking tape? I have three entire cases of the stuff, which is 96 rolls I believe. It’s Scotch 3M general purpose masking tape, rated high adhesion (made in Canada). It’s also complete and utter garbage, and likely the most infuriating thing I own. Why? Because it’s impossible to unwind it without it tearing! It literary sticks to itself too hard, and that coupled with it’s general thinness means good luck getting more than an inch without an annoying tear. Why do I have so much of this terrible, terrible product? Painter buddy asked me if I wanted “a metric shit-ton” of tape, and obviously I said yes. Turns out Noone at his company could stand using the stuff...


The blue 3M Scotch-blue Painter’s Tape for multi-surfaces (madeiin Mexico) is perfectly fine. It works for what I need, which is a little bit of everything, and no headaches. Blue painter’s tape. It’s ubiquitous and everyone’s used it.

Onto duct tape...

I haven’t been able to find duct tape the last few times I needed it. And it just so happens that I needed it again to repair an inflatable sleeping pad. Damn thing was expensive and it tears after two uses? Nope, haven’t gotten my money’s worth yet, thank you very much!

3M prostrength because PROFESSIONAL, STRONG, INDUSTRIAL. But mostly because I’ve had back luck with off brand duct tape. Hopefully this is “the good shit” (made in Canada)

And T-Rex Ferociously Strong Tape because why not? Also holy jeebus the tape is pretty thick, almost like a foam tape (ever handled #30 tape?). I’ve tested this already and it’s super strong. (made in USA)


You guys have any tapes you’re in love with? Any you hate? Are you shaking your head in disbelief that someone just made a post about adhesive strips of fabric? Are you loving Oppo even more right now?

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