A couple of people have asked me how the Targa top on the Sunchaser attaches. It has four cool clamps, one at each corner.

The front and rear edge of the top sit on top of the windshield border in front and the roll bar in the rear. The clamps squeeze that connection together, and lock when fully closed. It sounds sketchy, but it holds very tight. As you can see, the clamps are adjustable so they can be tightened. The top weighs only 14 lbs.

Internet wanderings have revealed rumors and fears of tops flying off on the highway, but I am skeptical. I have taken a few long highway trips and have never felt worried, and the top feels very secure in general. I have never read a firsthand account of a top flying off.


I bought a backup top off ebay, mainly because I want an extra of a part that is basically irreplaceable. I worry more about some asshole stealing the top for kicks than it flying off.