Targa Newfoundland started this week! Its such a cool event. You have to put your race car on a boat for 16hrs to get to the island for 5 full days of racing. I competed back in 2012 with Horst Reinhardt in a perfectly prepared E46M3 by VR Performance. Tons of cars crashed out and a fair amount broke. One E46 M3 even landed on top of a well with all four wheels hanging in the air.


We managed to keep it together and finished 2nd behind Andrew Comrie Pickard in a ridiculously cool evo. I’ve never really seen good in-car footage from the event so here are some of our stage from 2012. Thought you might enjoy them as there’s nothing like this in North America. Especially the sub division stage where you get to rip through a neighborhood.

The phone ringing at the beginning of the stages is me calling Mike Spinelli and leaving our stage notes on his voicemail for fun! I need to find the stage where he actually answered and I was trying to talk to him while Horst read notes. Its pretty ridiculous. Our intercom had bluetooth so I paired it to my phone and hit send as we started the stage. Nothing like leaving awesome, obnoxious voicemails for friends.

Subdivision stage:

This is a faster more flowing stage.

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