I have owned 4 (out of 5!) cars with t-tops. I will now attempt to rank them.

I love this style of roof, I honestly think it offers open automobiling with the fewest amount of drawbacks. You can ask me to make another post if you really care about why, lets get to ranking - worst to best!



SW20 MR2

Taken in my garage just now
  • The panels go standing up behind the two seats
  • Getting them in there is fiddly and your passenger has to get out
  • Getting the panels in the bags is even more fiddly
  • If you don’t have bags, the metal buckle vibrates loudly against the glass
  • Roof opening isn’t that big as the doors aren’t that big
  • Cool how there’s no painted section, means you can swap panels between cars if necessary
  • I don’t think there’s any tinting
  • Sun shades and panel bags are thin and cheap but work well
  • Pretty sure the AW11 let you put them in the frunk, all I want to do is store things in the frunk, Toyota why would you deny me

N13 Nissan EXA

Taken sometime in 2012
  • This will be short since the car never ran and I never had to live with it
  • Shades aren’t glass which sucks
  • Stored under the floor of the boot (I’ve been told this isn’t true and can find no evidence or photos to prove it, but I swear it is)
  • Can take them off without passenger getting out
  • Painted panels obv
  • Removable boot lid is a cool touch


Z32 Nissan 300ZX

Probably 2014
  • Open area bigger than the MR2
  • Can strap the tops in the back without disturbing passenger
  • T-top bags and shades are swanky leather
  • Friendly tint blocks the sun’s harmful rays
  • Only downside is that swapping panels between cars is a real pain due to body color section

Z31 Nissan 300ZX

Taken first day I got the car, 2012
  • Pretty much the same as the Z32 except browner
  • No painted part so panels can be swapped cars if you like
  • Pretty sure the 300ZR or 200zR or something had a mirror finish on them, can’t find any pictures

Honorable mention to that DSM Eclipse thing that Doug reviewed which has a relatively pathetic sunroof with a manually fitted wind deflector which pretty much couldn’t be worse. I haven’t mentioned wind deflectors yet since all these cars have them and all of them pop up automatically because why wouldn’t they?

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