I've been toying with the idea of designing another tattoo for myself, since I feel I've reached a new phase of my life. I consider our bodies a canvas to express who we are, our deepest secrets and fears. Sometimes joys, feats, and memories. The one I am after defines my core. That simple. Here is a quick sketch I made at work today which I really like:

It represents a lot of things in one, let me explain. The shield is antiquated, old school, as I am. the three circles in the middle represent the symbol for therefore in logic. I am a person who cannot comprehend illogic behavior (sp?), and everything I do has to make sense. The small union between the dots means family, union of separate parts to become an entity. i strongly believe NOTHING comes before family. The triangle surrounding it is not meant to be anything other than en encasing shape. The three lines on the top on both sides are supposed to represent a circuit, given that I am a technology person. Started programming when I was 7, still am a nerd/geek. The sprocket/gear below should be pretty obvious to Opponauts, mechanics and cars.

What do you ladies and gentlemen think? Yes, tats are for ourselves, but design thoughts are always welcome!