Taught second grade again today

Part of the lesson was for kids to design/draw/write abot their own donut. Day was a little wild because there was a substitute teacher running the class. Actual exchange I had:

One girl drew a triangle donut, so I asked the class what was special about triangles?


Different kid- “They’re the Illuminati”

Me-“no... but they are the strongest shape”

Substitute teacher outta nowhere- “that’s because they point upwards at the point towards...

*big pause* (I can tell he really really wants to say God)

...the sky, which signifies strength”

Me- “STRUCTURALLY... they’re the strongest shape structurally...”

I’m surrounded by children and the dumbest thing said was by an adult.

(Also didn’t help that the regular teacher didn’t warn the sub about the behavior disorder SPED kid in the class. Apparently a chair had already been thrown across the room before I got there and I still had to deal with him wandering around talking throughout my lesson. I do not envy teachers)


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