Well, that’s a disappointing way to end a neat giveaway idea. Wonder what Freddy would think about this??

Wasn’t there going to be stipulations on the giveaway?

Bummer.. Can’t even Lemons it for this price!

Update: The author deleted the listing. I emailed him, I was a bit of an ass, too. Saud it was a lot of money for what started out as a free car. His response was something along the lines of he spent $2k on it and Jalopnik abandoned their coverage of the story...

Now I feel a little bit like an ass. If I didn’t have too many projects myself I’d buy it, manual swap it and do chains/guides while the trans is out. I’ve done well over two dozen mk4 VW auto to manual conversions, so definitely a job I’m familiar with...

Ah well, being from New Jersey, it probably wasn’t rust-free underneath anyway compared to similar cars already here in California.