Anybody else read tavarish’s (Freddy) article about towing with his S-class? Anybody else think it was stupid and dangerous? Good. Because I do.

Now normally I just read his “articles” and move on with my day, but this caught my eye because this is something that could seriously hurt other people.

No, I’m not saying I’ve never done anything stupid like that, but I can’t tell if he has a ton of trailering experience, and he blatantly states that he’s well over the recommended weight limit for the S-class. I’ve surpassed a vehicle’s towing capacity once or twice, but it was always with a 2" frame mount receiver and a trailer that had brakes, and it was never more than 500lbs over a 5000-7500lb capacity.

Oh well. At least he’s done with that, right?

Freddy, if you’re reading this, promise you’ll just rent a truck or van next time?