So, I tried a deductions calculator for mileage expenses from my job with AT&T which required me to drive my personal vehicle to and from client homes. When I input my before and after odometer readings, as well as the distance of my daily commute to and from the office, it said I qualified for like, $5,000 in deductions for a job I was only at for 5 months. Let's just put it this way: $5,000 is more than half of what I earned in those 5 months.

For reference, I drove 15,893 miles in those 5 months, only 5,371 of which were miles spent commuting to and from work. Yeah. I am not kidding.

That deduction figure scares me and makes me worry that I screwed something up. Or am I missing something? I'm planning on going to a tax place in person tomorrow.