You know the drill by now. In the next couple of months, I'll be dropping up to £700 on a car. I don't need one, as I live in London, but the tax-man botched his calculations in my favour and like any good gear-head with a sudden windfall, I'm going spend it on a car. For today's installment, I've found some two-doors. As yesterday's wagon edition didn't stir any Opponauts, maybe some svelte two doors will get your blood pumping.

First up, a car that I always liked the look of, but due to the fact that parts were almost impossible to get in New Zealand I always steered clear of: The Vauxhall Calibra

1997 Vauxhall Calibra 2.0i 16v

Next is a car I've always liked, but in NZ they are still too expensive to buy on a whim, the final generation of Honda Prelude.


1998 Honda Prelude 2.0i

Lastly, a car so beautiful, it gives me butterflies, the Peugeot 406 Coupe. Unfortunately these are terrible pictures.


2000 Peugeot 406 Coupe 3.0

I'd show you the £700 GTV I found last night, but seems some lucky bugger snapped it up this morning.


Your thoughts, Oppo? Also, check out yesterdays wagons, if you get a chance. They are all filed under this tag.