I find myself in what I know is an enviable and lucky position, in that I’ve been on the list for a Taycan since near the beginning. And now that it’s been revealed I’m not so sure. (Other friends feel the same way.)

Specced out how I would want it, it’s a hair shy of $200k. That’s almost 2x as expensive as the best Tesla the way I would spec it out. And the Porsche probably is a better car, but 2x as good? For the same money I could replace my 10-year-old G550 with a well-specced new G550, and but a very well equipped Model3 with the difference. Or replace the G550 with an eTron - which would do the same job as the G - and just keep enjoying the Alfa.  Or do nothing.

It just doesn’t seem like the kind of crazy car you should pay $200k for. Even if the performance is amazing, at the end of the day it’s a sedan. Sure, an electric one, but that’s no longer ground-breaking.


What would you do Oppo?

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