Teaching a kid born in 2001 to drive manual

I got really sick coming back from Italy, and after buying the Subaru yesterday, I collapsed and slept for almost 11 hours. My son was dying to drive the car, and I was in no way up for going anywhere.

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I am figuring out how teach him to drive a manual, as he will be daily driving this 5 speed Subaru. We are not entirely inexperienced in this, as I started teaching him on the Sunchaser, first in the parking lot at my office, and eventually around the neighborhood. What I am getting at is that I let him take the car and go out by himself to practice rowing gears. I figure I have shown him the basics, and he just needs practice. I told him to go slow and stay in the neighborhood.

He says he thought he did well, and he did not crash or break the car. I learned to drive on a manual, and took the test in one. My dad made me start on step hills and parallel park before he was satisfied. Today I am going to go out with him and see how much he has learned.

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