About two years ago, my mom paid over $700 for a brake job covering all four corners of her Honda Accord. This made me mad because I could have done it for the cost of parts. When her starter gave out last year, she did call me and I went over to my parents' house to change it out for her, which was more of a process than I had anticipated. So, I took pictures of every step and wrote her out a photo blog of everything I had done, displayed in terminology and process which she would understand. Maybe...

Changing A Starter In "Mom" Terminology

Illustration for article titled Teaching My Mom To Change A Starter - A Photo Journey...

*I tried to put this on Kinja, but I can't center everything to caption the images like I can on my other blog. I researched for an hour and not even HTML helped me. If anyone knows how to do so and would give me a crash course, please email me and I'll take this down and put the whole thing up on Kinja, where it belongs. drewcoustic@gmail.com

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