EDIT (UPDATE): if this is the first time you’re reading this, skip below for the original.
The service rep called me back to kindly explain that the entire bowden cable system, two in total, along with the driver side latch needed to be replaced.

β€œWell, it has to be done, so how much will it set me back?”
β€œOne thousand four hundred and eighty.”
β€œClose the hood. I’ll figure it out.”
β€œWhat about the service inspection two? You really should get that done, as your mileage is getting really close.”
β€œI have 67,500 miles on the car. It’s only driven in the summer, and is well below 4,000 miles per year. How exactly am I β€˜close’ to the 80k mileage mark which necessitates service inspection two?”
β€œI suppose you don’t want that? It’s one thousand four hundred twenty.”
β€œNo. When can I come get my car?”

After much more back and forth over the past hour, BMW has agreed with me that they can safely disable the driver side latch system without further damage.

Honestly, $1480 for the hood release? Just for reference, I called a local indy shop after some google-fu, who quoted me $400 for parts and labor.

And that, my fellow opponauts, is why we DIY.


Had to bring the ///Mistress in for some basic stuff - new tires mounted, balanced, and aligned, and state inspection. Unfortunately, one other item with a huge unknown was the hood release is broken (stuck closed). The grand total for all the work, sans hood latch? $350. I just got a call from the BMW service rep who quoted me $516 + parts to fix the latch, and they’re going to have to break the kidney grill.


I completely understand they have to break the kidney, but damn that’s a steep price to pay someone to break, then fix, your car.

Before anyone asks, I was hesitant to bring it to an indy, as the last time I brought a car (540i MSport, about 18 months ago) it was stolen off the lot by an employee.

Ah well, lesson learned. Next time it goes to an independent shop.

Congratulations for making it this far. Have a BMW 328 Roadster for your troubles.