Team Oppo Hits the Track This Weekend - Plus Other Updates

If you have not known, I am trying to organize an Oppo team for the iRacing 24 Hours of Daytona. If you want to drive for us, sign up below. None of us are professional road racers, we are doing this for fun.


If you have signed up, but have yet to join the official iRacing team. Please do so. I have sent out team invites to those who signed up. If you cannot find the invite, look in the “My Teams” tab and “Team Invites.” I will be sending you a PM within iRacing as well.

Here are the stats of the team so far

Total Interested Drivers: 5

Number of Fully Registered* Drivers: 2

*Have the required license, filled out the form, and have joined the team

We will be running the Audi R8 LMS GT3 as voted by the Oppo community and the drivers. Expect it to be revealed by the end of the week.

I plan on having Oppo exclusive sign ups until Wednesday. I will then put out a recruiting message on iRacing to fill in any gaps. I plan on scheduling driving stints this weekend. If you have any specific requests outside of what you filled out on initial sign up, let me know.

I am also looking at putting a couple practice sessions up for the 24 this weekend (after the roar) and next week. One session will be a track familiarization session during the day, and another will be a night session (the race this year will be night). The goal of these sessions is to get familiar with the track and develop a suitable car setup for all of us.


Team Oppo in the Roar Before the 24


This weekend is the Roar Before the 24, a fun low powered road race on the Daytona Road Course. This will be excellent practice for any Team Oppo drivers to get familiar with the track. I will be running the Team Oppo Miata during the race.


Will any other Oppos be running the race? If so, I will look into setting up a Discord so we could chat during the event.

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