Team Oppo Roars On Track This Weekend, Updates on the 24, and Possible Development Program

Team Oppo will be on track this weekend for the iRacing Roar Before the 24. I will be piloting the Team Oppo Miata in the race and anticipate it being a fun event. If there are any others that will be running, let me know and we can write a Team Oppo post-race wrap-up next week.

Also if any Team Oppo iRacers are running, I have created a Discord channel so that we can all communicate with each other. It was originally created for the 24 and other endurance races, but we can use it to talk with each other during this weekend’s event. I am sure many of us will be in different splits. I am planning on running tomorrow’s noon race. I can post the link if there is interests once I figure out if the Discord settings are right.


For those unfamiliar the iRacing Roar Before the 24 is a 2.4 hour (144 minute) solo road racing event on the Daytona Road Course. The cars feature are relatively low powered sports cars including the Ford Mustang, Kia Optima, and Mazda Miata. In true Oppo fashion, the Miata is always the answer (plus it is free).

Now to the not so great news, it appears that the Team Oppo 24 Hour roster has hit a snag with a significant portion of the team unable to race due to license or schedule issues. Unfortunately, this knocks us down to 2 members and with our own schedule limitations, a 24 Hour race just isn’t feasible without help. We have been discussing the next step we should take. Possible strategies include skipping the 24 and developing a solely Oppo based team for a future event or recruiting many team-less non-Oppo iRacing drivers and making a hodgepodge run at the race. If anyone has any input I would love to hear your thoughts. We hope to have a decision by Monday.

And on that terrible disappointment, it is time to end... But before I do that, one more thing.


On a more positive note, an idea was brought up to develop the team more, not just adding people, but giving them the chance to develop as drivers. This could be especially helpful for preparing to run these large endurance events. I think this is a great idea. There seems to be interest in an iRacing endurance team (or just a team in general), and I think we can build a great group. The goals of this program are to:

1. Allow people to get comfortable driving virtual racecars.

2. Help drivers be qualified for official iRacing endurance/special events (attaining a C License)


These goals will be executed through both individual and group efforts as well as official and hosted sessions. This idea is just in the works right now, and I will hash out more thoughts/details after Feb. 1.

Let me know what you think...

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