For episode 41 of the podcast, we went to one of the SCCA’s Track Night In America events. They’re basically just a low-key HPDE geared toward beginners, but anyone can attend. And it’s cheap.

Dave and I both had goals for that evening - I needed to refresh my memory on High Plains Raceway ahead of a LeMons race in June. Dave mostly was hoping to drive his Saab fast without anything falling off. And, we wanted to play with the format of the show a little bit, so we recorded segments at the track. All in all, we were 100% successful about 50% of the time.

Our friend Zev very graciously came with us to instruct and push us in the right direction. We even did a few laps all piled into his Mazda6 wagon (roofbox and all!), which gripped way harder than it had any right to.

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