Got to see Dusty Ventures, Roundbadge, Arch Duke, McSeanerson, Longbow(?) and other OPPOnians. Hiked a bunch to 4 stages of the rally. I think one of the other guys said his GPS reading yesterday showed we walked 14 miles. I’ll need to reset the calibration for my FitBit. I walked roughly 5 miles Friday after driving 180 miles to meet up with my friends from Cleveland. I have about 300 pics in two cameras and a handful of bad iPhone pics. Until I get the pics sorted all you can see is a few of them. Sorry, I had to do grouting on the kitchen tile job before I can sort the others. The hiking trails were so hilly that I think yesterday alone we did the equivalent of taking the stairs in 4 fifty floor buildings.


To give you an idea of what the roads and trails were like. We hiked for 1 hr and 20 minutes to travel 4 miles across terrain. We were able to get a ride back to the car and that still took 12 minutes. This was the easier hiking trail as far as being a little flatter but had many more switchbacks. It still had a few sections where you stood at the bottom and looks up a trail that was like climbing a wall. I figure a few hills were 30% grades. We got to travel part of a stage after the last run and it was just as twisty as the hiking trails.