What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?
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Plex server is now running again. It seems that this latest release, whatever.1973, is not ready for prime time. I reinstalled an old version and it seems to be working again. Yeah, I still think WMC did a lot of basic things better, but that program is history and my bitching won’t bring it back. I just hope that the developers of Plex quit obsessing on the features and extras and just get the fucking basics right. I missed a day’s worth of TV, but chances are that the programs I missed I’ve already seen so it’s no big loss.


Nest thermostat is once again working. I totally reset it and now have the all-important key saved on my phone. Now it works with all of my phones and tablets as well as the Google Home setup and smart speakers. A lot of hassle for something that should be simple, and I think I we can all expect more of this kind of hassle in the future. Just like when Autoweek was told by MB to pull over and restart their C-class wagon to fix the transmission woes that they were experiencing, I think our future has been dictated by the classic Microsoft solution to problems rather than having products that undergo proper pre-release testing, quality control and support. Ahh, the good old days...

Now, if I can’t find that RAID 10 array for the old gaming peecee I’ll try reinstalling Windows 8 on that $20 notebook I recently bought. I’d rather smash my fingers with a mallet, but reinstalling (and upgrading) that crap is one of those frustrating tasks that needs to be done.

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