See this mouse? It’s a Razer Naga 2012, exactly like the one I have here sitting on my desk (according to its label). It looks like it has three interchangeable right side panels, right? The product manual on the manufacturer’s website says so, the reviews all say so, but apparently it doesn’t according to the manufacturer’s tech support staff member with whom I’ve been ‘communicating’ (with communicating being defined as the successful conveying of ideas between parties, hence the quotes).

I’ve worked in corporate tech support, and I know first-hand that it can be a monumental challenge dealing with inane questions from clueless users. And working with the gaming crowd can probably be even a bigger challenge as I would expect the age and patience level to be considerably lower than your average corporate desk drone. I’ve already explained to the manufacturer that I want to buy the part in question and that I understand that, as at least the second owner of the product, I don’t have any warranty and that they are under no obligation to provide it to me for free. They first came back and told me that they don’t have any internal parts for the mouse, and that installing an internal part would void the warranty. Repeat - not an internal part and I know that I have no warranty to void.

I realize that you generally put your lowest level employees on initial tech support duty and pay them next to nothing, and after a few months, if they show a pulse or any semblance of synaptic activity, you generally promote them in order to spare them the hell that is dealing with the general public. But why do we, as the general public, have to deal with brain-dead morons that don’t have a clue as to the products they are allegedly supporting. Instead of arrogance and a confusing, illogical dismissal of my query, how about actually taking a moment to understand the problem. Yes, I’m not asking about the latest product that you sell, but as a tech support employee I would expect you to understand the products you support, and if you can’t do that, escalate a problem to someone that knows the older products or spend perhaps 30 seconds on Google to see what the customer is talking about just in the off chance that they are not full of shit. JFC, it’s not that tough... You may be stuck in an entry-level position, but either do it well or GTFO; treating customers, especially potential return customers, like turds does not bode well for your, or your employer’s, future.

(OK, I may be a little steamed right now and may be missing something blindingly obvious, but I would appreciate it if someone could kindly explain to me how my mouse doesn’t have these removable side panels despite all evidence to the contrary, and how replacing these EXTERNAL parts would violate my non-existent warranty, I would be most appreciative. Thank you.)