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Tech Support Questions

First, I want to get my mom something so she can watch Netflix. What’s the best, EASY TO USE, Netflix streaming device? That is the most important part - I am my folk’s 24/7 tech support and now with COVID I don’t go up there regularly like I used to. So I am looking for something easy to install, setup, and use. There are 2 HD TVs in the house with HDMI ports, so I think something like a Chromecast, FireTV, etc. that plugs into an HDMI would be best. I have a SmartTV with Netflix already on it so I haven’t used any of these devices. Recommendations?

Now for a slightly more complex question. My father has a really basic desktop that has Win10 Home on it that we got him a few years back when his last computer shit the bed. It’s been great for him so far, with a few minor hiccups, most of which I’ve smoothed out. He’s only ever used the built in Edge browser, and that’s been fine for him, so I haven’t messed with anything on it. Well now it doesn’t work. You click the icon, the browser opens, the mouse pointer turns into the “waiting wheel”, and then the program closes. It did this once before and for the life of me I can’t remember how I fixed it. He got adventurous and looked up some stuff on his iPad to fix it, and somehow deleted all his print drivers, so now none of his printers work either. I tried to talk him through some things on the phone but that went less than stellar.


So I had a genius idea the other day - remote in and fix it myself from my Win10 laptop. Except I have Win10 Pro on my machine, and he has Home, which doesn’t include the required features to do remote desktop. So that’s out. Again, the browser doesn’t work (otherwise I’d just download Chrome or Firefox and call it good). So we’re kind of limited to what’s in the Windows Store, I guess? Honestly, at this point I’m lost short of going up there and messing with it myself, which I’m trying to avoid since my folks are in their late 60's, I don’t want to risk their health. Any ideas??? Or should I have him set it outside, pick it up, bring to my place, fix it, disinfect, and return it?

Here’s where I’d put a picture for your time, but Kinja no longer lets me embed pictures, apparently. So just imagine your favorite car here!

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