Good news everyone! A new phone has been chosen! Buffer image, of course. :P

Purchased new for $130, I’ve chosen the Nextbit Robin to be my new phone. This phone has almost the same internals of the Nexus 5X that I gave to Miss Tesla, so I know this is a phone I will likely love! :)


It’s going to be my cute little toy for probably indefinitely. I love unique phones like this. If I buy an expensive phone again, I imagine it would probably be whatever the 10th anniversary iPhone is. But that’s going to be early next year, anyway.

For another tech update, I’ve created a web filter on my current phone (Droid Mini). The filter keeps me from accessing Breitbart. Why? Well I’ve recently found myself accessing Breitbart just to make myself depressed. I originally intended to do it as a way to make sure I don’t have an echo chamber of news...but the transgender hate is just getting too overwhelming. So for my own health, I am blocking my own access to that site indefinitely. :)

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