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technical help!!!

A good friend of mine without car knowledge just let me see a lot that his dad owns. A lot of great cars.. but there is a Porsche 944 turbo that is beautiful...

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(turbo vr6 swapped camo 911 for your time)

It has sat for a few years, and besides needing a new battery, everything looks clean and in good working order. His dad is old and doesn't care about the car, and my friend knows nothing about cars. I'm going to help him put a new battery in it and refresh a lot of things in attempt to get it to run...


The only thing is, while sitting in it, with the car off, when you push the clutch pedal in, it goes the whole way to the ground, and sticks there. You can pull it back to the position. It's acting like a light switch in that it feels sprung and hard to push however stays either in the normal position or depressed the whole way......

TLDR theres a cool car my friend and I essentially got for free, but the clutch goes the whole way to the ground when pressed, and has to be pulled back to get it to spring back.. what does this mean? does it need a new slave/master cylinder? should we just bleed the lines? on a 944, is this easy to do? thanks!!!

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