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Technical Question About Engine Swapping

Ye olde OccasionallyRunner

So I have a ‘95 4Runner with 4WD with the 3.Slow. Now let’s say I want to up my power, responsiveness, and gas mileage by swapping in a 1UZ-FE. I have the A341H transmission. Now, the A34XX series was used in the LS400 as well, but obiviously, Lexus never made a 4WD LS400. So, aside from mount modification and trans adapter plate, what else would I have to do to make this work. I’ve seen it done on 2WD examples, but my main concern here is with the ECU. It says “3VZ-E,” “4X4,” and “A341H” on the ECU itself, so does this mean there would be compatibility issues with an ECU from a 2WD LS400? Not that I have the means to make this a reality right now, I’m just wondering for future reference. Thanks!

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