Technically, the New Supra is Actually an MR2

It’s mid-engine, RWD, and seats 2.

Yes, front-mid counts. Toyota never said anything about the engine being behind the seats.


No previous Supra had all 3 of those characteristics. Supras were GT-ish while MR2s were supercar-ish. The New Supra is more of an MR2 than an Old Supra.

The New Supra is a handling/balance sports car, while the Old Supra was a muscle car/ponycar. Sure the new one still has Supra proportions, but has more of an MR2 ethos and mission.

Toyota actually builds the Real 2020 Supra, and it’s not outsourced to BMW:


Too heavy? Seats 4? Lots of horsepower? Yes, yes, and kinda yes. A turbo version, iF it happens, would be the true successor to the MKIV Supra.

That’s my Internet Opinion about Cars I Have Not Yet Driven, and I am prepared to defend this lukewarm take in the comments section with great enthusiasm!

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