Yep, it’s been a while, but my manager is offering another friends-and-family screening! I doubt my family will want to go since it’ll be late and this isn’t their sort of movie, but even if they do, I can bring up to four people. So there’s room for at least one of you guys to tag along. This will be at 10:40 PM on Monday, the 29th! Still at the AMC in Sugarloaf Mills. Let me know if you want to come and/or if you’ll definitely be able to make it! We can try to meet under the parking deck ramp (just because it’s an easy spot to find) at 10:15. I’ll post a couple more times throughout the weekend if I remember to do so. This’ll be first-come-first-served, so if there happen to be five of you interested, only the first four to reply can come. And if there are still open spots I’ll let you know that you can bring a date or whatever. Of course, I’d prefer that you only do that if the two of you were going to see this movie together regardless, since technically I’m only supposed to bring friends of my own.

I’m also going to use the “free movie” tag now, so feel free to check it whenever there’s something new that you want to see. You never know when I’ll be able to get you in for free, because even I never know when that’s going to happen.

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