Teenage driver: Help me, Oppo

As most of you know, my 17 year old totaled our 2001 Sport Trac. But then some crazy shit happend.

Insurance gave us $6k for a car I thought was worth 4 at most. I have mixed feelings about this. When I was 18, I wrecked my car, a 1981 Sparlingco drop top Celica more rare than a Sunchaser. Part of my pain was replacing my unicorn (I spent 3 summers on the road crew for that car) with a 1979 Oldsmobile Cutlass Salon.


I lack the words to express how much I hated that car. It awful, and the day I replaced it with an 87 Integra was a true day of joy.

A part of me thinks he should get a hunk of shit.

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