Lately I’ve been receiving phone calls to install a home security system, but they give no company name and it sounds pretty sketchy (saying “your area” sounds really sketchy and vague). Plus, I’ve told them no many times, but they keep calling. So the other night I decided that I’m just going to give them crazy answers on why I don’t need a security system to see if I can scare them off. That or I’m going to have a lot of fun trolling them.

Now the telemarketers always ask how your day went, and it seems if you say “good” or “absolutely horrible” they respond the same way. Also, there seems to be an actual person on their side using a text to voice system, because I did trip one up once because I mumbled. But despite me saying no, they still call.

Here’s my list of crazy responses on why I don’t need their security system. Feel free to steal them for yourself.

Later I added : Does it include the sharks in a moat package? That’s a deal breaker there.

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