Things were looking up for the telescoping ladder. It arrived ready to go. Has a nice heft to it without being heavy. It feels well made. It telescoped quite easily and even came with a handy fashionable carrying case for all your on the go ladder needs.

But it was scary as hell climbing up it. As you get higher up the rungs, things of course get skinnier and skinnier. You can feel the ladder flexing as you go higher - that was what had me nervous. I used it to change a light bulb in my stairwell. It did what I needed. Collapsing the thing is fun, but feels like you’re going to break it. You push in the lock tabs on each rung and let it fall down. It’s loud, fast, and thanks to whoever recommended watching out for the finger pinching spots.

insert flex joke for car relevance

The flex is scary, but looks to be about on par for the design - took it to 4.5/5 stars. I don’t feel the most comfortable on this thing. I think feeling safe on a ladder is probably important. Which is the extra point taken off giving it 3.5/5 from me.

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