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Hello oppo. I’m a machinist and have only ever worked long-term. I recently discovered that there’s a whole world of contract work for skilled labor and this is completely new to me. It seems like a decent way to get paid if you’re OK with going from job to job.


This particular job has an hourly wage, a per diem, they pay lodging, a mileage reimbursement. Seems the only thing I don’t get is health insurance or any sort of 401k (obviously). All for a 3-6 month contract. The contract is through a staffing company, and I believe it’s them that pay me, not the company I’m working for.

Basically my question is, what’s the catch? Or what are the downsides to contract work, besides having to move all the time? cause at this point, rent is my biggest expense, and contract work covers that. I have no family tying me to a location, so being mobile seems nice.


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