2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee: Is This One Good?


Does it fall into the category of typical unreliable, crappy Chrysler product? Or does it being a Jeep counteract that? The reason I ask is that there’s one that will be in a local church’s yard sale tomorrow and I’m interested in buying it. It’s a 2005 Laredo 4x4, with 129xxx miles. The interior is pretty dirty because it’s been sitting for a while and was used as a beater by the son of the lady who donated it.

When I checked it out last night, it had a “Service Electronic Brake System” message on the dash, along with the ABS light being lit. I couldn’t check the brake pads to see if those were just really worn down, but I was able to pop the hood and check the brake fluid, which was full and appeared to be fine. It also had a momentary hesitation when starting, but it did fire up and sounded like it ran just fine. The asking price is going to be around $3k.


So, does anyone know what that brake system issue could be? If that’s an easy fix, would this be a reliable daily? I know very little when it comes to Jeeps, so all help is appreciated. Thanks!

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