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I've noticed that there is a lot more money being spent on cars lately and a lot of people willing to open up their wallets for cars not found here in the USA. Of course there's Skylines, but this site (and others) have also featured Fiats, that Czech-Fiat, original Minis, E30 wagons, FD RX-7s, Honda CRX's and countless others. I've also noticed that a lot of the current importers seem to have some shady undertones (to put it politely) and almost none of them include dealing with US Customs, leaving that to the buyer.


My wife is an import specialist, specifically Asia to USA, and she's damn good. We can't figure out how the costs can be kept down enough to make the landed price of the car still reasonable.

So, I'm reaching out to fellow Jalops in search of info. Who's imported a car? Or, even better, is there anyone here who is an importer? If you've bought a car from an importer, tell me all about the customs process, from where it landed to where it ended up and how much it cost. If you're an importer, do you have an import specialist on staff or someone you contract with? Do you have an average customs cost?

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