Tell me how to spend my money

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But first, a short introduction: I live in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. I am a ‘young person’ who is applying for (and ideally being accepted to) law school. I have a problem with visiting Mexico too often, and I have an insatiable lust for Mexican food. I love to wrench even if I suck at it, and I love the obscure. I have a special soft spot RWD Volvos and I learned to wrench on my first one. I also owned a Merkur XR4Ti as my second car that never ran. I just recently bought my second 240 after a year of searching, which leads me to my present dilemma:

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I am replacing the springs and struts, and I can’t decide if I want to spend more on performance stuff when I should really be saving, but on the other hand, the price difference is minimal and I already daily an 82' 240 so who am I kidding about being economical? I also risk a 100$ ticket every day I drive my car, so time is of the essence.

451.27$CAD: Lesjofors Sport Springs, KYB-GR2 shocks in the back, Sachs OEM replacement struts in the front. Shipping from the U.K.


504$CAD: Lesjofors OEM Replacement Front Springs, ACDELCO Rear Springs, KYB-GR2, Sachs OEM Front Struts. Shipping from the U.S.

525.32$CAD: Lesjofors Sport Springs, KYB Gas-A-Just shocks in the back, Sachs Performance struts in the front. Shipping from the U.K.


Should I not be concerned about 75$ difference for something I know I will enjoy? Should I get the stiffer struts because the springs I have ordered are stiffer too (I had them on my last 240 with OE stiffness Bilstein B4s)? Should I prioritize getting parts sooner and avoiding a ticket when I know I’m paying ‘more for less’ and I will likely want a stiffer ride later?

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