Tell me I am not the only one...

...Who’s constantly looking for cars for sale online? I mean several times a day, it has been a favorite time killer for years now- During morning poop time, lunch time, slow office hours, before going to sleep. I have saved searches set up on Autotrader, Carmax, Cargurus for vehicles I’ll probably never buy- like trucks, I honestly don’t know why I was looking at GMC Canyon Denalis the other day.

I have had cars in saved lists for 6 months straight and I actualy got sad it sold even though I was years away from being in the market, Thinking “Man If only I were looking I would bave bought that”


I am not on Craigslist looking for beaters or projects or on BAT and other high end auction sites looking for cars I would own if I were a millionaire. These are cars I can daily drive and afford but even then there’s so many options out there. I do love configuring Porsches and other expensive metal on Build your own websites that I could never afford but time spent on that is small compared to unnecessary car shopping.

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Am I the only one? Is all of Oppo just like me?

Questions abound...

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