I’ve been thinking a lot lately about if I might be better off owning something other than the Land Cruiser. I love the Land Cruiser, but I feel like in the things it excels at, its more than I need and I could get more of the things I need daily elsewhere.

This is what I’ve been thinking about. What I need/want is a large, reliable, 4wd SUV. What I have is a large, reliable, 4wd SUV thats one of the most off-road capable vehicles on the planet. The extent of its capability is lost with me, although it is surprisingly good on road, and I would probably get more value from something more road-focused, like a first gen Sequoia.

Maybe a little bigger, possibly safer, more power, more towing capability. No locking diffs, but like I’ve said, I never use those. It would give me a similar level of snow performance, similar reliability, with better road manners. Seems to make sense for me.

Also, that truck is for sale for $4k, and my Cruiser is worth...well, significantly more than that.


My thought right now is of taking a bunch of pictures of the Cruiser, putting it on eBay with a ‘I’d sell it for that if somebody walked up to me and handed me cash’ reserve, and seeing what happens.

What do you guys think?