It’s an absolute giggle to buzz around in traffic in.

I’m driving my brother’s down to school to save on wear and tear (downtown STL has *the worst* streets) and gas in the Silverado while he’s on summer break.

Its obviously not a sports car, but it’s so easy to dart in and out of traffic in. The steering has a surprising amount of feedback and the front end feels incredibly light, I’m assuming that’s thanks to having the light little aluminum EcoTec 2200 over the iron lump that is the 3400 V6.

The EcoTec isn’t a power house but it revs decently and is jumpy off the line, perfect for when there’s a city bus stopped in your lane up ahead and you’re the first one in line at a stop light. Plus it apparently runs on air because I swear it doesn’t use any gas.

The suspension is also softer than most Cadillacs so not only does it soak up bumps like a much bigger car, but body motions are hilariously over exaggerated. When you take off from a stop the back end squats down and it rolls through the oddly sharp turns for a 40mph road, making commuting oddly more enjoyable.


I do wish it had a way to hook my phone up. I hate morning radio talk shows so much.