Tell Me What I Saw

So I’m on vacation last week in Denver (lovely city, I’d move there if I could) and while sitting in traffic I notice the Subaru next to my rental Outback -Is it a law that everyone must drive a Subaru in Colorado?- has this sticker on the rear passenger window.

It was the face of a man, wearing a cloak or a hood, with lots of wrinkles, maybe from a bandana covering his face though I feel like I could see that his mouth had a scowl or frown or is otherwise showing disapproval. Everything is this vivid red with black lines to show detail, except for his eyes which are white.


I have looked all over the Googles and I cannot find the image again. I should have had my wife take a picture.

The face was very comic-book in detail. Not cutesy cartoon-y. It was not one of the popular memes or I would have recognized it. The closest I can describe it is being close to the OBEY face, with a bit of Red Skull or Red Hood. That is the best I can come up with from scouring Google image searches last night.

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