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Tell Me Why I Shouldn't.

The Volvo 240 price floor in my area is about $700. I found an 1988 244GL (wagon) with a replaced front end from an older 240(quad round headlights). It apparently needs brakes but otherwise runs ok. The price is $300. Brake pads and rotors are cheap as dirt and it also needs new studs and lugs.

Pros:aside from the yellow hood and driver fender and some finish issues (needs new corner light) the dark blue body is in good shape. No notable rust on the outside. Interior is in good shape, but dirty. that was my first clue that the car was newer than the ~1980 front. Get to check off proper brick wagon ownership off the auto bucket list.


Cons: God knows what’s really wrong with it. 200+k miles. Auto :(

This would be a flip. $300 + $50 in parts and X number of mechanic rage fits is totally worth $700 right?


Tell me why I shouldn’t.

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