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Bad title, but I had a fun experience last night I wanted to share.

Getting onto the main highway that crosses town I spotted a BMW 6 Series GC leading the stack of cars entering the highway. It enters with authority, taking advantage of its clear run to accelerate to what must have been triple digits.


I, being a responsible Mustang owner and having already put my car in “Sport+” mode a few minutes earlier, held a lower gear until I could get around the car in front of me and proceeded to catch the Bimmer’s tail.

I caught up to the BMW but did not have a chance to pass it before my window closed, as headlights illuminated my side mirror revealing that another car was about to pass us both. I glanced to my left to see what it was and saw the distinct 3 bar DRLs of another black Mustang just before the glint of the 5.0 badge revealed it to be just like me. Before I could fully appreciate this moment, something drew my attention to the right. Another Mustang, this one grey but still sporting the 5.0 fender badge, had caught the group and had begun passing on the right.


Now we were a pack, 3 Mustangs and a BMW, and it was on. The other black Mustang flexed the American muscle, setting the pace for rest of us to catch. After a few miles the BMW took an exit, and the 3 Mustangs were left to ourselves. We kept the pace up, sequential turn signals flashing in sequence as we wound in and out of the slower traffic surrounding, 5th gear pulls propelling us to speeds certain to earn a ticket none of us were considering in the moment. We passed a semi, passed a Camry, slowed reasonably for the work zone before lining up 3 wide and enjoying the freedom of leaving it.

Eventually, my exit came up, and with a blip of the throttle and one last flash of the taillights I bid my like minded companions farewell. It was only a moment, but probably the most fun I’ve had on a long commute home in the dark in a long while.


Now it’s your turn. Tell me about the random encounter that made your day.

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