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Tell us a story oppo

what is the BEST automotive story you have that involves your boss or your co-workers?

I’ll start:

Friday. gorgeous, sunny, no wind, about 27* C. perfect. Didn’t go to the office. (Boss wasn’t there anyways, and I had finished my work for the week)

Headed over to my local twistys to go and have some fun on the SVX-R. started to get into my rhythm. getting quicker and quicker....then I notice someone following me. so we played cat and mouse for an hour or so. Had a LOT of fun.

then, at one point, we pull over to have a little chat. Guy takes off his helmet

aanndd its my boss.

we both look at each other. Told him I was sick and wouldnt be in the office today. He nodded, said “me too. We tell no one of this”.

we then topped up with gas and went our merry ways. Had a good laugh at that.

Whats your best boss/car story?

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