Oppo- my deck (12' x 12') has decided to make its bad shape known by disconnecting the joists from the beam above the posts. We have the money mostly saved up to replace, however, were planning to wait until the spring as we have too much going on with our wedding, honeymoon and then the holidays (plus no-one wants to build a deck in winter). The part in question is 3-3.5 feet off the ground, and i had the two thoughts below for stabilizing it until the spring (we dont plan on using it, mostly just a as a way to get to the patio to grill). Mostly, i dont want it to collapse with a snow load this summer and still be able to use it if absolutely needed.

  • Option1- Get a couple jack posts, set on leveled ground/concrete pavers 4ish feet in from each side with a header to support.
  • Option2-build a stud wall from pressure treated wood, set on leveled pavers to support (will most likely attached with concrete screws as well to the pavers)

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