I’ve been looking for cars on and off for quite some time. I don’t really need one but it would be useful. I kind of want something interesting though. I don’t get excited about Fiestas, Golfs, Jettas and such. So usually I just kind of give up after a while of looking, thinking I can spend the money better.

Went looking today again and now I’m tempted to spend the money...

I found a Mazda 6 MPS (Mazdaspeed 6). It looks fairly clean from the sparse amount of pictures and it has less than a 100k on the odometer (metric, so less than 60k miles).

It has my interest because;

  • Practicality of a 4 door sedan
  • Plenty of power
  • AWD for winters here (Estonia, winters can get bad)
  • Apparently fairly easy to upgrade/mod should I wish so
  • Cheaper than stuff like Imprezas and Lancer Evo/Ralliarts that offer all those same things
  • Seem to be well regarded
  • It’s rare, so something different
  • Kind of sleepery

Anyone here has any experience or opinions about these cars? I am seriously considering contacting the seller. The thing I am most worried about is reliability. I don’t think the current owner trashed it since it has done 80.000 km over something like 12 years. But it is also a 12 year old car and I have never done any mechanical work on cars. How normal is it to take a used car to a pre-purchase inspection at these kind of budgets? :P


I also found this Impreza WRX Prodrive that is actually a contradiction of me saying the Mazda is cheaper: