Good Morning fellow Jalops and Opponauts, hope you all had a great Christmas.

Yesterday, while shopping for clothes at my local Forever21, I witnessed a very classical situation : a BMW using 2 parking spots.

I decided to compile a list of the 10 best cars for asshats.

Here we go :

10 - Service van #14

Chap, we all know your struggling business is a one man show, and that this is your only van, which is also your home.

9 - The Ego Booster


If you're going to brag about driving a Mercedes-Benz, better not be one of these beater 190.

8 - Kia Sorento with the clip-on faux BMW grille

Go home, you are not fooling anyone.


7 - Subaru SVX

Sweet car, pal, but it drives like a Buick. And we all know that manual swap you keep talking about will never happen.


6 - Toyota Prius

Brainwashed people thinking they are saving the planet while actually making even more damage ? How cute !

Rush Limbaugh - The Magic Car


5 - The J-Body Tuner

Nothing screams "I have no idea what I'm doing" like dropping money on these turds.


4 - Pontiac Hearse

What kind of ill-mannered funeral director decides to cart bodies around in a Pontiac ?


3 - Nissan NV2500

Nothing makes me more angry than these vans. People buying them must be mean individuals.


2 - BMW e39 5 series


We all agree the e39 is a masterpiece, but unfortunately, we can't say the same about the asswipes who initially bought leased them.

The e39 single-handedly made BMW the brand of choice for douchenozzles who can't operate simple things like blinkers or use only one parking spot.


Submit your best car for obnoxious people below in the comment section, the winner will be revealed this afternoon.