Here at Jalopnik, we like station wagons, as they make much more sense then any crossover/cuv/faux-suv can ever dream of making. The idea behind a station wagon is to provide as much usable cargo space as possible while keeping the excellent driving dynamics of the sedan they are based on.

Let’s have a look at the ten best wagons ever made.

10 - Dodge Magnum SRT8

One of the most surprising car of the last decade, a full size, rwd wagon with Chrysler’s signature HEMI engine. ‘Murica.

9 - Subaru Legacy GT wagon

A rally car for the family guy, unfortunately the legacy wagon morphed into a transgender wagon/not sure/suv, but the GT wagon is surely on the the most exciting wagon ever.


8 - Volkswagen Passat W8 Wagon

Where do we start, a W8 powered AWD luxury wagon available with a manual transmission, this is a close to Jalop God you’ll ever get


7 - Buick Roadmaster wagon

It’s basically the result of a threesome between a Corvette, a Grand Wagoneer and Cadillac Brougham. An American icon.


6 - Ford LTD Country Squire

It’s basically the result of a threesome between a Mustang, a Grand Wagoneer and Lincoln Town car. An American icon with SIDE FACING rear seats


5 - Volvo 740 Turbo Intercooler wagon

This checks a lot of boxes in terms of wagon awesomeness. RWD, Turbo, manual, rear facing seats and headlight wipers.


4 - SAAB TurboX Combi

A quirky Swedish wagon that could put a 911 Carrera4 to shame for half the price ? We need more of that.


3 - Cadillac CTS-V

A freedom-inducing American wagon that could put a Corvette to shame for the same price ? We need more of that.


2 - Mercedes-Benz 300TD

The glorious Diesel brown wagon in all its glory.


1 - Volvo 245T

Basically a station wagon version of one of the most iconic station wagon ever, the Volvo 245.