He we go again, winter is coming back for most people living in the northern hemisphere, and for people living in Canada, it is already started as most of country is already covered under a few feet of white and it will be that way until June 2016. Of course you don’t want to drive your nice car into that toxic cocktail of snow, road salt and frozen dirt, so you need what we commonly call a winter beater. Here’s ten of the best winter beater you can buy.

10 - Ford Bronco II

A mighty off-roader, yet nimble and fuel efficient. The perfect winter beater for the environmentally-conscious enthusiast.


9 - Subaru Impreza Outback Sport

AWD goodness and boxer engine for lower COG. The perfect winter beater for the rallye afficionado.

8 - Saab 9-5 Combi

Born from snow, moose-proofed. The perfect winter beater for the safety-minded enthusiast.


7 - Volvo V70 XC

An Impreza Outback Sport that you can sleep in if you’re stranded. The perfect winter beater for the far-sighted enthusiast.


6 - Audi 90

The beater that doesn’t look like a beater. The perfect beater for the more sophisticated enthusiast.


5 - Buick Roadmaster Wagon

Basically the same as the V70 XC, but that can shelter you, your significant other and the in-laws. The perfect winter beater for the welcoming enthusiast.


4 - Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

RWD for more effective crash avoidance maneuvers, but even if you fail, not a single fender bender will stop you. The perfect winter beater for the busy enthusiast.


3 - Jeep Cherokee XJ

Real 4x4, generous ground clearance and a hook for a snow blower, the perfect winter beater for the multi-tasking enthusiast.


2 - Dodge Caravan

Minivans makes for great winter beater. The generous cargo space can hold all your winter gear such as shovels, traction aids, zip ties and duct tape. The sliding doors will come in handy if the car gets surrounded with snow or ice.The perfect winter beater for the well prepared enthusiast.


1 - Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme (G-Body)

Anyone who ever experienced the goodness of the G-body heater will understand. Nothing gets warm and nice as quick as a G-body. You just start the car and turn on the heater and everything melts in a500ft. radius. Ther perfect winter beater for the warm-hearted enthusiast.