Ten Cars that are ILLEGAL to Register in America

A variety of standards and regulations lead to cars being not eligible for US registration. Get a look at the cars that are just too radical for whatever reason to be allowed in the United States.

10. 1999-2002 Nissan Skyline (R34) GT-R


Known to fans of Initial D and the famous film franchise, The Need for Speed, this JDM “rocket” is too muscular for the land of the muscle car!

9. 1999 Lotus Elise

This track toy enjoyed by the Brits is not available on our side of the pond and some say it’s because of the Elise’s surprising likeness to the in-development-at-the-time Tesla Roadster. Some say Elon Musk lobbied to have the original Elise BANNED from American shores.

8. 1992 Jaguar XJ220


Another Limey that you can’t leave Line-ies on the pavement of freedom with is the Jag XJ220. Exact reasons why are unknown, but rumor has it that Ford (who recently acquired Jaguar) keep it out of the country because it would compete with Mustang sales.

7. 2014 Ford Ranger


Although the Ford Ranger was conceived in the birthplace of the the pick-up truck it is no longer legal to register in this country. This version of the Ranger is available in 20 other countries, and some theorize it is not eligible in the US because it “doesn’t have enough corners like a truck should....is not masculine enough” for US buyers.

6. 2013 Holden Ute


Although nearly mechanically identical to the Pontiac G8 or current Chevy SS this Aussie fun-hauler is also forbidden from being on US roads due to an odd regulation on tailgate hinges.

5. 2000 SEAT Toledo II


This sensible European sedan is said to be ineligible for US drivers because the head of the US Highway Department drove one of these while on holiday in Spain and he detested it so much that he lobbied to have it banished from US roads.

4. 1996 Toyota Soarer


Although just a few minor difference separate this RWD coupe from Toyota from a popular Lexus coupe from the 90’s don’t expect to be getting a licence plate for one! Some say it bared such a likeness to the Lexus SC that when Toyota was preparing to bring it to the USA, Lexus threatened to sue Toyota for copyright infringement.

3. 1999 Ford Focus Diesel


Believe it or not this normal looking Ford Focus could be seized by government agents if registered under-the-radar. Some say American Oil companies were afraid of the longer-life and high gas mileage that this passenger diesel car could achieve and pulled strings to keep it out of our country.

2. 2010 SAIPA 131


Although pretty damn similar to the Ford’s 3-cylinder 80’s hatchback, the Fiesta, this Iranian anachronism is not allowed in the US under the terms of the recent Iran Peace Deal. Thanks Obama!

1. 2000 Rover Mini


Many people do not know the original Mini was still in production in the year in production, but the Feds do! They crushed this 2000 model registered as a 1978 because it had more safety equipment and was much more fuel efficient that the legal model.

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