Ten meh cars* available brand new, right now and their super cheap price tags

Kia Rio coming in at a very affordable $14,165 sporting a look at me red

The Hyundai Accent is ever so slightly more than the Rio at $14,745 possibly due to the indention in the hood and bangle-esk profile

The mac daddy of the line up, rolling in at $17,300 the Toyota Corolla
*hype music starts to play*


It’s childish bulbous brother the Yaris bumbling in at $14,895


Only $14,345 for the quad headlights of the Sonic

Spark your interest? Cruise like a cute little boss for $12,660


Throw this Dart around for $16,995, sounds so meh to me.
Fun fact, did you know you can get a Dart without A/C?!

Make it all Fit for an economical $15,890


IT’S ALWAYS A PARTY IN THIS GUY! Take it home today For $14,580

The most budget conscious of them all, $11,900 for a new Versa


Thoroughly bored at work. and judging all of these books by their covers.
Which ones did I miss? Which ones aren’t meh and now you’re fired up about it?

*in their most base form

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