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Ten Fast Food Meals You Shouldn't Eat In Your Car

Yesterday we covered extensively what are the best fast food meals to eat in your car. Today, let’s have a look a those you should avoid at all costs.

10 - Five Guys burger

Cons : The lack of cheese mixed with unnecessary fillings such as lettuce and tomatoes makes for an unstable burger that can shift or collapse at any moment.

9 -McDonald’s Premium Salad

Cons : Mcdonald’s employees won’t toss your salad even if you ask them, so you have the deal with it all by yourself, which is kind of messy.


8 - Subway’s Loaded Atlantic Canada Lobster Sandwich

Cons : you shouldn’t eating fish in your car, this sandwich don’t hold well together and fish matter will fall under your seat and rot.


7 - Tim Horton’s French Onion Soup

Cons: Hot liquid containers without lids are a recipe for disaster


6 - KFC chicken bowl

Cons: Pretty much like a soup, but thicker. Also, takes both hands.


5 - Burger King’s Poutine

Cons : Canadians don’t understand that cheese curds are not melting well and insist to use them in the “Poutine” as is tradition. Melted Monterey jack would help cement the fries with the sauce.


4 - Taco Bell’s Tacos

Mexican food is complicated to eat. A taco will inevitably make a mess even when eaten in a bed, so just imagine in a car


3 - Wasabi’s sushi box

Cons : They are even wrapped individually for extra complexity, not to mention the chop sticks... Also, something something rotten fish matter under your seat. A big no-no


2 - Carl’s JR Lettuce wrap

Cons : This will end poorly


1 - Krispy Kreme’s Sloppy Joe Donut

Cons : So many. First it contains the word sloppy, so it’s big hint to begin with, then you have to understand that th sloppy stuff is instaide a sticky donut.


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