Some Formula one drivers seems to constantly be at the wrong place at the right moment, but some of them are just guilty of poor decision making.

Let’s have a look at some of the worst career moves in F1 history.

5 - Michael Andretti - McLaren-Ford, 1993

If you want to show the world that IndyCar drivers are just as good as F1 driver, don’t choose a team that is without a Works engine deal with an angry Ayrton Senna as teammate, it will make you look bad for sure. Also, try to complete the season.

4 - Rubens Barrichello - Ferrari 2000-2005

If you really believe that you are WDC material, don’t go play the second fiddle during your prime years, just for prestige.


3- Jacques Villeneuve, BAR-Honda 2002-2003

Declining a Renault contract in favor of giving BAR-Honda another chance in 2002. Fernando took the job instead and went on to win the 2005 and 2006 WDCs.


2 - Fernando Alonso - McLaren, 2007

Ever since he left Renault, Fernando seems to always be at the wrong place at the wrong moment, but joining Ron Dennis golden boy thinking he would be treated equally was an ill-advised move.


1 - Jean Alesi - Ferrari, 1991

After giving the great Ayrton Senna a driving lesson in the streets of Pheonix in 1990 driving a modest Tyrell, the Frenchmen had all doors open for 1991, including one from what would become the most successful team of the decade. He chose the wrong one and the rest is history.